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  • Deportation Contagions

    Mellon Faculty Fellow Jorge Cuellar discusses COVID-19 and deportation in an article on NACLA website.

  • Cows, Land, and Labor Conference

    Late April's Cows, Land, and Labor Conference, hosted by Matt Garcia, synthesized hands-on practioners and academic theorists in discussion about the role of the bovine in New England.

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  • LALACS scholar receives 2019 ACLS Fellowship

    Matt Garcia is the recipient of a one year fellowship from the American Council of Learned Scholars. Presently he acts as the chair of LALACS. He holds appointments in History and LALACS, and is the Ralph and Richard Lazarus Professor of History, Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies, and Human Relations.

  • Kudos to LALACS

    Latin American scholars shine in the latest Kudos from the Office of Communications.

  • Change the subject

    A new film tells the story of Dartmouth students who worked to change existing Library of Congress subject terminology describing undocumented immigrants.

  • Roma, Please

    The Oscars generate annual interest in Hollywood, and Desiree Garcia and other Dartmouth professors weighed in on their favorites for the statuette

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Recent Publications

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  • "Ramona in the City: Mexican Los Angeles, Dolores Del Rio, and the Remaking of a Mythic Story"

    Desiree J. Garcia, Colin Gunckel, ed., Jan-Christopher Horak, ed., Lisa Jarvinen, ed., et al.

    Cinema between Latin America and Los Angeles: Origins to 1960 (Rutgers University Press 2019)

  • "Invisible Immigrants: A Better Life and the Cinematic Undocumented," in Latinx Ciné in the Twenty-First Century

    Desiree J. Garcia, Frederick Luis Aldama, ed, et al.

    Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2019

  • Operation Amigos: The Original Amateur Hour Goes to Mexico

    Desiree J. Garcia

    Quarterly Review of Film and Video (forthcoming)

  • A Just and Righteous Man:  Eli Black and the Transformation of United Fruit

    Matthew J. Garcia

    The Jewish Role in American Life:  An Annual Review, Casden Institute, Purdue University Press, forthcoming, December 2018