Foreign Studies

LALACS Cuba Exchange Program

Through the CASA Cuba Exchange, Dartmouth students will be able to enroll in a 15-week, semester length program based in Havana. Complete information on the program is available here:

CASA Cuba’s principle institutional partners at this time are the Casa de Las Americas and the University of Havana. Courses are taught in Spanish—four courses offered through the Cuba study center by Casa de Las Americas OR a combination of courses offered through the Cuba Study center and direct-enrollment courses through the University of Havana. At the University of Havana, students will be able to choose from courses in literature, the arts, Afro-Caribbean studies and music at the University of Havana’s Faculty of Arts and Letters, or courses in Cuban history, philosophy and religion, political sociology, and Latin American thought through the Faculty of Philosophy and History. Students can receive LALACS credit for up to three courses from the CASA Cuba Exchange Program for the LALACS major or minor.

Applications for the program are due by February 1 to the Guarini Institute for International Education.

For further information contact Professor Lisa Baldez, Guarini Institute for International Education or Laurie Furch, the Program Administrator at LALACS.