Francine M. A'ness

Research Assistant Professor

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Students
Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies

Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
B.A. Sheffield University
M.A. University of British Columbia
Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley

Selected Publications

“Sabina Berman,” in Dictionary of Literary Biographies : Latin American Dramatists , (2005) 44-59.

“Resisting Amnesia: Yuyachkani, Performance, and the Postwar Reconstruction of Peru,” Theatre Journal , 56 (2004) 395-414.

“Diálogo con Sabina Berman,” in Sediciosas seducciones: sexo, poder y palabras en el teatro de Sabina Berman , (2004) 43-63.

“Technology, Language and Literacy: The New Pedagogical Challenge,” with C Kramsch and E Lam, in Loss of Communication in the Information Age , (2001) 117-130.

“Authenticity and Authorship in the Computer-Mediated Acquisition of L2 Literacy,” Language Learning and Technology , Special Issue on LiteraciesandTechnologies, 4:2 (September 2000) 117-130.