Greetings LALACS community: 

Faculty, staff, and students are working hard to ensure that those students who wish to continue their education during this period of online learning can. We recognize that despite the language of "continuity" this period is also riddled with ruptures and uncertainty. To that end, our faculty and staff are working remotely to deliver online courses and to help students troubleshoot any barriers they might encounter along the way. We are available to offer guidance and to answer questions. 
The interim Chair, Mary Coffey ( and the program administrator, Laurie Furch ( are checking their email throughout the day. Please send an email, cc'd to both of them, with any questions or concerns regarding your LALACS courses, major/minor/modifications, connectivity or access issues, and the like. There are a number of Mutual Aid supports in place at the college and in the Upper Valley for our students and their families. Please email the Chair directly for a list of these resources.
Additionally, if our alumni would like to support our students during this time, the college has established a student emergency relief fund: Alternatively, if you would like to know about other Mutual Aid supports in the Upper Valley that are in place to support our students and mixed-status families, please contact the Chair directly.
We are here for you to pull through this difficult time. Let us know how we can help.