Kudos to LALACS

Latin American scholars shine in the latest Kudos from the Office of Communications.

Lisa Baldez, professor of government and LALACS, will receive will receive the 2019 Outstanding Professional Achievement Award by the Women’s Caucus of the Midwest Political Science Association. “The award recognizes a senior woman in the discipline who has made a substantial contribution to the scholarship of political science (not necessarily in the field of women and politics), who has made significant contributions to the profession and its associations, who has actively mentored women at her own institution or elsewhere, and who serves as a positive role model for women in the profession,” says the association.

Matthew Garcia, professor of history and Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies, has won an American Council of Learned Societies fellowship for his project, Eli and the Octopus:  The Man Who Failed to Tame United Fruit Company. The fellowship, for $70,000, supports Garcia’s research into the life of Eli Black, the first and last chief executive officer of United Brands, including United Fruit Company. “This book project, now under contract with Harvard University Press, anticipates the trend towards socially conscious capitalism today, and provides insight into how we arrived at the transnational food system governed by free trade agreements that now defines how and what we eat,” says Garcia in his proposal to the council.

Other Dartmouth successes and achievements are reported by the Office in Communication in their latest issue of Kudos.