Alexander Sotelo Eastman

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sotelo Eastman researches the social and cultural history of Afro-Latin America and the Caribbean. He is interested in how public opinion is formulated, expressed and circulated, in particular among marginalized communities that have not historically had full access to citizenship and print media. His current book project examines where black social organizations of the late nineteenth-century and early twentieth fit into a larger trajectory of Cuban and Caribbean public spheres and emancipatory politics. Through diverse materials, including an extensive collection of black press newspapers, the book maps a history of black intellectual thought, foregrounding the stories of everyday civil rights activists and their diverse political and organizational affiliations and approaches to racial empowerment.

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His interest in print culture and the formation of collective identities bridges his scholarship on sport culture, where he focuses on travel writing and the social history of international surf tourism. He is the co-editor of The Critical Surf Studies Reader (forthcoming Duke University Press), an interdisciplinary volume about the history and development of surfing as religious practice, subcultural movement and neoliberal industry.

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HB 6026
PhD, Washington University in Saint Louis

Selected publications

The Critical Surf Studies Reader. Durham: Duke University Press, forthcoming. Edited with Dexter Zavalza Hough-Snee.

“Breaches in the Public Sphere: Racialized Terms of Inclusion in a Text of Transition, Francisco Calcagno’s Aponte.Bulletin of Spanish Studies (February 2016) 1-18.

“Binding Consumption: Cuba’s Early Black Press and the Struggle for Legitimacy, 1879-1886.” Siglo diecinueve (literatura hispánica) 21 (2015): 29-46.

“Between Racism and Patriotism in fin de siècle Cuba: Ricardo Batrell’s Creative Resistance.” Afro-Hispanic Review 32.1 (Spring 2013): 15-30.